Monday, April 18, 2011

Sharing is Nice: how Paisley got Lucy to be her new best friend

Paisley just now started understanding the concept, and yumminess, of the Gerber Puffs. If you live in a grown-up world and don't know what I'm talking about, they are "puffed grains with real fruit" that melt in baby's mouth to help them learn how to eat, chew, etc. Paisley has finally gotten on board with them, and Lucy couldn't be happier.

Friday, April 8, 2011

8 months?

  Yes. 8 months. My little Paisley is 8 months old! I'm not going to do the whole "I can't believe it!" and "When did that happen?" and "Time sure does fly!" because I don't know where the time has gone, but I'm sure its somewhere with all that sleep I've lost.
  So, what has Paisley been up to lately? She...

  • is a crawling machine. 
  • is eating more solid foods. I've been trying to get her to eat solids for a couple of months now, but only managed to get maybe 2 tablespoons in her mouth at each meal. Now she willingly opens up and accepts the gooey goodness.
  • does NOT like green beans. I can't say that I blame her, because they really are gross when they're pureed. I think we'll just get some green beans and steam them and let her go to town on them (in their natural, solid form). 
  • has started spending about half the night in her crib in her room. It was tough for me, mainly because of all my irrational fears (what if a cat jumps in to her crib and wants to snuggle with her but ends up smothering her?? what if someone breaks in and steals her??).
  • loves to stand. She can (and will) pull herself up on anything that is semi-stable. 
  • has two bottom teeth and the top two teeth are thisclose to popping out. We (I) had a couple of rough weeks with a cranky, tired, not sleeping, crying, clingy, pitiful baby. She has been much better this last week-ish though. 
  • loves being outside. We have gone to the zoo a couple of times and she really enjoys strolling around - especially when she can watch everyone's favorite 3 year old, Schafer, bounce around like a little atom.
  • is always babbling, with new favorites including hi, hiya, and dadadadada (which is awesome, since I am the one who is with her all day, everyday. It's okay, really. I'm over it. Whatever.) 
  • is a very happy, cuddly, smiley, babbly, funny, sweet, cute, well dressed baby girl. 
**I've been trying to upload some super cute Paisley pictures, but something keeps going on... not sure why blogger is in a funk - surely it's not me, right? Pictures to come soon!