Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New York Charm

  When we started planning our trip to Vegas, I immediately had visions of all of the pretty, new outfits that would be required for all of the Vegas-y things we are going to do. One of these outfits consists of a little black dress (an LBD for all you fashionistas) and a fabulous pair of shoes. These shoes are going to make the outfit. They're going to BE the outfit. They are a pair of heels, with peep toes. They have a pretty high heel. They are a glittery silver, maybe covered in tiny crystals/rhinestones (or diamonds!)? Totally Vegas. If you can't imagine them, you should step into my head. They're fabulous, really.
  I've had these in my head for a while now. I have recently decided to get serious about my FSS (fabulous shoe search). I am happy to report that, as of this morning, I have found the shoes. I found them! While looking around on zappos.com, they popped up, very subtly and quietly, as if to say "psst... over here. check us out. your search is over. you found us - go alert your blog readers!"
 And here they are.

  I want need HAVE TO HAVE these shoes. I deserve them. They would be perfect on my feet. My signature pink nail polish would peek out ever so slightly to show off my vacation manicure. The other girls on the trip would spend the evening obsessing over my shoes, wishing they were on their feet (indulge me here, Autumn and April). I would walk so much more gracefully with these on my feet.
  So, I found them. You might be wondering what my problem is now. Actually, unless you're Carrie Bradshaw, you know what the problem is. That is one hefty price tag. Now I just have to get creative in finding a way around that.
  We all know how perfect my husband is (brownie points?), but even he might have a problem saying yes. He would probably make some Chandler Bing comment about being able to pay for them by working on the streets while in Vegas. So my "just because" excuse is out. My birthday is in October, Christmas is too far away. Valentine's Day is gone (and he did pretty well with that one... my new car is nice) and I don't think he will agree that Easter is a "Flashy-Vegas-high heel" kind of holiday. That leaves me with our anniversary. It is in May. May 21 to be exact. 5 years. 5 whole years of wedded bliss (and not one fight!). I would ask for them then, but he has already informed me that the traditional anniversary gift for year number 5 is wood. (Woodn't these be perfect? No?)
  So for now, it looks like I am up a creek. Without a paddle. Or cute shoes. If anyone wants to donate to the FSF (fabulous shoe fund), I accept cash and paypal payments. If you would prefer to just buy them for me, I think a 7 1/2 should be just fine.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Neurotic At 7 Months?

  Well, it has become obvious that Paisley is my child. Not only does she look like me (so says Uncle D), she is turning into a crazy person. A teeny, tiny, obsessive (but cute!) crazy person. 
  She has a table that sings, lights up, counts, plays music and the ABCs and has all kinds of cool things to do and play with. She really loves it; it has quickly become a favorite at our house. The legs even come off, so when she doesn't feel like standing (which is rare), she can sit and play with it. Anywho, it has a little green lid that flips open and closed, and it plays music, and it says "open" and "close" and "hello" and "goodbye" in both English and Spanish! She is already learning so much. When this lid gets opened, Paisley will do whatever it takes to make sure it gets closed. We can sit for 15 minutes just opening it and watching her close it. Its cute and hilarious, and I think its what made her start crawling (oh yeah, she's crawling now!). 
And since no post is complete without pictures...

  And here is a video of her shutting it. This was one of the first times she really crawled a long (long-ish) distance. She is much better now, much less hoppy. 

And just for grins, and since I owe you some pictures...

 She spent a good part of last week (and the week before) sick/teething. Sometimes you just can't keep going.

  And just a couple of cute pictures 
Ice cream cone jammies!!! Are these cute or what??

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ready, Set, Go!

  HOW has it been 7 months since Paisley was born?!?! I guess this is what everyone means when they say how quickly time flies once you have a baby. Once again, I am a week and a half late with the monthly update. This probably just means that Paisley is keeping me way too busy to stay on track. It definitely does not mean that I am a blog neglecter. Okay, it might mean that I am a teensy bit of a blog neglecter, but Paisley is not helping when it comes to my blogging. (I can blame anything on Paisley and no one can get mad! "But Nathan, I couldn't finish the laundry because P just wanted to snuggle!" and "Mom, how great would Paisley look next to me after I got my hair colored and cut?" It works, people! And for the record, I'm pretty sure Nate uses it on me, too)
  Now that I've cleared my guilty blog conscience... on to Paisley!

  • She loves to laugh
  • She loves to smile 
  • She loves to grab (and eat) my (and any one else's) hair
  • She could sit and watch Lucy all day
  • She loves Puma, but is only okay about Jack (no tail to pull there)
  • She loves to see people she knows
  • She has started getting a little bit of separation anxiety, but I think it goes away pretty quickly
  • She is thisclose to crawling. She has technically already crawled, but not enough to say that she is crawling
  • She is wearing mostly 6-12 clothes, with a few 3-6 favorites thrown in
  • She isn't crazy about eating solids yet, but maybe getting a little more into it. She would really prefer to feed herself, but that is just a guarantee for an after-meal bath. I usually give her her own spoon to hold while I sneak the food in.
  • She is a rockstar during trips to/from Tulsa 
  • She is an unbelievably good and happy baby. I don't know how or why I was blessed with one as easy as her, but I am so glad I was!!!

On another note, I want to say a big fat CONGRATULATIONS to 2 of our very favorite people in the world, Zach and Staci! Staci is pregnant, due in late September. You can read about her exciting journey here! You guys are going to have so much fun and you're going to be amazing parents! We love you guys!