Saturday, February 18, 2012

Photo February... playing catch up.

Photo February, day 18: Drink

I love wine and tequila, I'll drink vodka and scotch, I can tolerate a beer, but my heart will always be full of gin. I more than love gin. I really, really love it (that's a lot, guys!). My default drink, one that I can drink at any given time with any food, in any setting. It's very versatile. It's easy and it's yummy. Most importantly, I can't drink it without thinking of one of my very favorite people in the whole wide world, the very fabulous Jamie, who left me for a beautiful life in Colorado (she says she reads my blog every now and then... we'll see! call me if you love gin, Jamie!). Anywho. That's it. 

Photo February, day 17: Time

One day while shopping, I came across a super cool giant old school timer. The sand is bright green and it's super cool. It lives on my fireplace and I love it. (I made it black and white because I took this picture late in the evening and the light in my living room is awful and orange (not that I don't love orange...) but there was no saving the picture)

Photo February, day 16: Something New

I bought this ball from Baby Gap for $1.50! Always good deals to be found at Baby Gap. 

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