Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Photo February x 3 !

Photo February, day 21: A Favorite Photo of You

Yes, I realize it says "photo" and not "photos," but this is my blog so I make the rules here. I couldn't pick from these two. They're both on my fridge and they're both great. They were taken on graduation day (which is why Nate looks like a graduate), way back in 2009. I love the black and white one for the obvious exposure reasons (it was taken with a film camera), and the bottom one is us in front of our house in Stillwater. Photo credit goes to D for both of these.

Photo February, day 20: Handwriting

My husband has awesome handwriting. He went to school for Landscape Architecture and they teach you to write this way. His handwriting is better than mine (unless I'm trying really, really hard), so he is always stuck with addressing any and all cards, sorry babe.

Photo February, day 19: Something You Hate to Do

I hate unloading the dishwasher. Like, really, really hate it. I have recently learned that my mom also hates this chore, which would explain why it was always given to us as kids. Veerrrry sneaky, mom. I would much rather wash all of the dishes by hand (which I do a lot of the time), but when I tried to initiate the "hand washing only" rule, he said no. It's not like he unloads it anyway! I'm kidding, of course. He loves to unload it. And I'm sure as soon as Paisley can handle it, she will love it, too.

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